A new job in a new town!

12 Nov


It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I was deep in thought, when last we spoke, about my decisions and what to make of them. As this quote says, my plan for my life did not work out as I had hoped and I was also wondering about my move into sales full time and if it was for me. Well, after much time, I have to say it most definitely is not! The life of a full-time sales person definitely was killing me. I’m an introvert by nature, and so much of sales is based on the extrovert personality. While I learned, adapted, and did well, I did nothing else outside of work and that was killing me slowly…

Flash forward to today. Today is one of my last days in Frederick, MD as I move to a new life and new path with the great company at Carmax. I’ve accepted a position as Art Director at the home office and start on Monday! So while I may have been doubting my desire to keep pushing on in graphic design with all this hardship and strife over the last decade, I can unequivocally say I’m on the right path and it’s all paid off! I’m so excited to be working with such a great company. The choice to take on sales primed me for what is next and got my foot in the door with a great business, great people, and amazing opportunities for growth.

To those that have supported me on my journey, I thank you. To those that didn’t understand, I wish you the best in your own personal journey. To those that became my dearest friends through all of this, words can not express what you mean to me.

Now back to packing! 😀moved


Crossroads are funny things…

10 Jun

Do you ever feel that when you are making forward progress, or you think it’s forward progress, that you’re back at a crossroads? I definitely do as I transition into my life at Carmax and my move to Frederick. I definitely feel more isolated than I did in the country and rolling hills where I used to live. Strange, isn’t it, to be surrounded by people and yet feel more cut off? Starting over in life is never easy. I’m glad I have several opportunities I’m working on right now, my business in skincare with Rodan + Fields (my skin has never looked better!), my part time job at the winery I love (hmmmm wine) and my new job at Carmax (is car sales really for me?), but sometimes I wish I just knew what to do next after my career in graphic design. What’s your mind working on today? Mine is on overdrive lately and I even dream about these decisions… 

Perhaps it’s time for a vacation… it has been about 10 years since I had one, or longer, and at least a year or two since I’ve gotten to enjoy the ocean even for a weekend… where would you go if you could duck off anywhere for the weekend? 

My 15 minutes of fame…

14 Jan

Behind the cameras with Santa

So those that know me, know I recently got to experience a fantastic trip abroad to Vienna, Austria. Well this was a whole exciting surprise for my uncle there, who was doing an advertising campaign with the tourism board of Austria and Jung v. Matt. They flew my Mom and Aunt (and me and my Dad) out to reunite with him as a surprise on for the last advent calendar spot in the campaign. See the video here!

We felt like rockstars for a few hours as they filmed us up to the reuniting with my uncle at the airport and we were given the royal treatment upon arrival at our hotel and given a fun night out at the pub from some of the guys who were on the video crew and were friends of my Uncle in town. We had an absolute blast, and I actually spoke on camera in a bit of CNN coverage by my new friend, Tracy. She was fantastic to talk to as well about my traveling santa uncle, and what it was like growing up with a personality like his!

Santa and companypub dinner with the crew & santa

Last Dinner with Santa & friendsOne of my favorite parts of Vienna was… The people! They were so welcoming, so friendly and really took care of us while we were there. They made sure we knew where we were going, had directions to things, got to experience so many parts of the city, and kept checking in with us during our stay. A couple of friends of Santa’s even stopped by the night before we were leaving to say goodbye after they flew back from a weekend working/partying in the Alps just to see us off. I can’t thank everyone enough for all they did for us and are doing for my Uncle there. He has truly found a home in Vienna!

DSC_0325I also loved the architecture of all the buildings. It was just astounding to be surrounded by so many different styles and ages of beautiful artwork. Walking around the city I felt like I was in paradise. I really felt at home with the cobblestone streets, so many ways to travel around town (public transportation of every kind!), and so many TALL PEOPLE! It was wonderful. And of course, at this time of year, The Christmas Markets were also amazing! I really enjoyed the “punch” and all the crafts that artisans of every type made. We brought home so many treasures for ourselves and our friends and family… I only wish I had more money to bring even more home with me!

I’ll miss you Vienna and can’t wait to come back. Hopefully it will be soon! Thank you to everyone who made this trip so spectacular! We so appreciate you, your country, your city, and your hospitality. ❤


Location change, I’m moving!

6 Jan

movedSo, with the new year, I’ve decided to go back to being ‘me’ on the interwebs. I’ll be posting on Mary Koster because R+F policies say I can only keep a blog if I get it approved through company appointed lawyers. So, the blog over there will truly be about me, my life, skincare, art and design, a little bit of everything or what one might call a ‘life’ – not just skincare, fashion and make-up! 😀

So, please join me there as I make the transition to writing again. Hopefully we’ll get to know one another better in the process and see how we might help one another in 2014! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014!

5 Jan

goodbye-2013The new year has inspired me to take back to writing. A few months back I learned I couldn’t have my GorgeousSkin4u site without going through company lawyers for my skincare business, so I stopped writing there. Not writing is definitely NOT what I wanted! So I’ve decided that I should go back to my roots and just be ME out there in the interwebs with my personal blog, just me.

To start with, let’s just say I’m not feeling 2013. It wasn’t a very good year for me and I’m not sure how to make my life better going forward. When people ask me what I’m doing, I share all the things I’m doing and it sounds insane. (2 businesses, part-time work, and more!) So I need more focus and less scatter, plus I need more honesty and more people to lean on. So if that’s you, please chime in.

So, what are your tips for finding your way in life after feeling so lost? Here are some reasons for feeling lost that you may identify with… But what shifts should we make to get out of the floating drift? I like some of the authors suggestions – do you have others?


Are you wasting your money on skincare?

15 Jul
The macro-e as a MUST for brides to be!

The macro-e as a MUST for brides to be!

Recently, I headed to our company’s national tour event, Skinapalooza, talking about how to take care of our skin and have ‘safe sun’ out there this summer. One of the biggest take aways from that event was surrounding exfoliation (and of course sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!).

Did you know if you don’t regularly exfoliate that you are wasting your money? Why, you ask? Because you are applying products to dead skin cells more so than healthy new cells! With regular exfoliation, either with our very own macro-exfoliation tool or microderm abrasion paste, you can be sure to have the effects of your skincare regimen reach the live cells and help with cell turnover and collagen stimulation as expected! I tell ya, that put exfoliation into a whole new perspective for me! And for our brides to be looking to make sure they have healthy, glowing skin for their wedding day? Nothing could be better to help you achieve those results! (See article image attached from Modern Luxury Bride Magazine!)

However, for those with sensitive skin, exfoliation is probably not for you. Remember less is more when it comes to sensitive skin issues!

Skin is a beautiful thing, wear it well!

…and the Winner IS…

30 Jun

Reverse Regimen…and the Winner IS… Kathy Eichelberger! Congratulations Kathy on winning an entire REVERSE regimen from yours truly. I know you will just love it! If you know Kathy, or even if you don’t, please congratulate her in the comments below or on her facebook wall! Enjoy and we look forward to hearing about and seeing your fabulous results!