365 Doodles in 365 Days for Charity!

17 Feb

Stina Jone's Doodle #290Hey all! Today I wanted to feature a fellow artist doing good things for our fellow humans in the world around us. Stina Jones is creating 365 doodles for 365 days in order to raise money for her charity, Shelter, which helps to make sure everyone has housing in the UK. You may also remember her work from an earlier blog I posted about Art Swap – she was the person who sent me a swap piece from the UK! If you’d like to follow her on twitter, you can do so @stina_jones where you’ll see links for her daily doodles and keep track of her progress! So, here is her press release on the topic to learn more:

A 25-year-old artist from the West Midlands in the UK has launched a creative project to draw daily doodles throughout 2010/11 and raise money for homeless charity, Shelter.

Freelance Designer and Illustrator Stina Jones is creating 365 doodles in 365 days as part of an artistic endurance challenge to create unique artworks, while collecting donations and selling the works to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Stina has already drawn 348 Daily Doodles and raised £500 for the charity.
Speaking of the project, Stina said: “I’d always loved the idea of art raising money and awareness for charities, and I’m always doodling and scribbling on scraps of paper. After reading an article about 365 day art projects, I had been inspired to set myself the challenge of creating 365 illustrations over 365 days as a way to develop my skill while raising money for one of my favourite charities.” “Homelessness affects thousands of people every year and the UK has one of the highest levels of homelessness rates in Europe. It’s an issue that’s very close to my heart and I wanted to help support Shelter by raising as much money as possible for the cause.”

Daily Doodle has proved to be so popular that Stina has created her own online shop where people can view and buy Daily Doodles at affordable prices with all proceeds going to Shelter. Stina added: “I’ve been overwhelmed with the response and encouragement I’ve received since the project launch. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing support and helping me raise money for Shelter.”

To find out more about the Daily Doodle, visit http://dailydoodle2010.blogspot.com/. For more information about Stina Jones, visit www.stinajones.co.uk .


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