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Green, All Natural, and Organic – what does that mean in skin care?

23 Apr

Well if you’re like me, you’d like to believe that products that say “all natural,” “green” and “organic” actually mean something. We all want to do better by the environment and our skin/bodies.

However, the sad truth is, they don’t mean much in the world of cosmetics and skin care. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, two of the most well-respected names in dermatology, share more insight into why this is.

For example, federal regulations don’t require any specifics, so be wary of the hype! According to the Doctors, using a banana, for example, just to make a product smell better can allow it to be called organic or natural.

With such lax regulations on this terminology, it’s best to know who is behind the skin care products you are buying and know their reputation and track record to be sure you’re getting products that are good for you and do what they say they will do.

To be green and stay healthy, we all must do our research first! Happy Earth Day Weekend, everyone!


Why is my skin so dry?

23 Apr

Today’s health/skin care tip: This comes from Nurse Mary Radford with the question, “Why is my skin dry no matter how much moisturizer I use?” Well, the short answer is that your skin piles up dead skin cells which clog and prevent your moisturizers from sinking in as effectively. In order to remedy the situation, try using an exfoliator, one to 3 times a week. (Microderm abrasion pastes are great for this!) Not only will your moisturizers work more effectively, but the exfoliator will help skin cell turnover which promotes younger, healthier looking skin! If you’d like to learn more about microderm abrasion, this is my recommended reading on the subject!

Skincare with Mary: How it all started!

23 Apr

Mary koster before and after photographsTo those who don’t know me, I have had acne my whole life. I have been allergic to the medications that typically treat acne and didn’t figure this out until well into my teenage years. Needless to say, many a harsh chemical and treatment were prescribed to me with little to no effect or severe worse reactions that outweighed the benefits (if any). Little did I know at a young age I had so many allergies to topical agents that these would likely do more damage than good!

I thought this life-long problem was going to stick with me forever in a very severe way. (And at 38 now, I can say, it still hadn’t gone away!) However, in the down economy, while looking for a job since I had been laid off 5 years ago after going back to school for my employer to achieve art director status (I’m a graphic designer by trade)… something new came into my life and has changed it forever. While skin care may not have been my number one choice for a new career move… it has resonated with me in a way I never thought possible. I am now given the opportunity help people like myself who never thought they could have clear, beautiful skin and the confidence that goes along with it.

So this is where my journey begins. Take a look at my own before/after photos just using calming products designed for rosacea, eczema and psoriasis along with other sensitive skin issues. Who knew that my sensitive skin could be healed and acne gotten rid of with a topical treatment I wasn’t allergic to!?!? I’m so excited and couldn’t be more jazzed about being able to help others look and feel their best. I hope you enjoy my tips and advice on this sometimes embarrassing, sensitive topic!