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Crossroads are funny things…

10 Jun

Do you ever feel that when you are making forward progress, or you think it’s forward progress, that you’re back at a crossroads? I definitely do as I transition into my life at Carmax and my move to Frederick. I definitely feel more isolated than I did in the country and rolling hills where I used to live. Strange, isn’t it, to be surrounded by people and yet feel more cut off? Starting over in life is never easy. I’m glad I have several opportunities I’m working on right now, my business in skincare with Rodan + Fields (my skin has never looked better!), my part time job at the winery I love (hmmmm wine) and my new job at Carmax (is car sales really for me?), but sometimes I wish I just knew what to do next after my career in graphic design. What’s your mind working on today? Mine is on overdrive lately and I even dream about these decisions… 

Perhaps it’s time for a vacation… it has been about 10 years since I had one, or longer, and at least a year or two since I’ve gotten to enjoy the ocean even for a weekend… where would you go if you could duck off anywhere for the weekend?