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Goal to raise $15K for fellow Artist, Rabbit.

15 Aug

Rabbit Sketch

Lately, I’ve felt like, “I wish I could do something” on a lot of occasions. And you may have noticed that my former response of “why isn’t someone doing something” has slowly changed into, “What can I do about this?” So, with that in mind… I give you Rabbit.

Rabbit is someone I only know online, but he has inspired me multiple times to do things outside of my comfort zone with art, and to not give up on myself without even trying to do so for me personally. He just inspires simply by who he is and what he does. His work goes from light to dark and all stages in between. He’s incredibly talented in his writing, painting, drawing and more. I have only begun to know him, but to know he is HIV+ and has AIDS and may die simply from not being able to afford care; this breaks my heart. More than that, it angers me that in this day and age issues like this still arise with some of the most advanced care available to us…but at a huge cost to those of us without insurance.

So as one artist to another, and one human being to another, I’m imploring you to pass this along to help raise some much needed funds for Rabbit to afford the medicine and care he needs until he does qualify for financial assistance of some kind. The tragedy of losing him in this fashion when it can be avoided is something I do not want to think about too long without acting in some way to try to help. It makes me break out in tears, quite honestly.

If you can’t offer financial support in this fashion, or if you also want to buy his work, you may support Rabbit in other ways through his art on facebook and through his online art gallery. You can also read more about him and his story through Jottergirl’s blog post interview with him. My goal is to raise $15,000 by the end of this year for him. You can contribute on and all proceeds will go to Rabbit by December 31, 2011.