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Happy New Year 2014!

5 Jan

goodbye-2013The new year has inspired me to take back to writing. A few months back I learned I couldn’t have my GorgeousSkin4u¬†site without going through company lawyers for my skincare business, so I stopped writing there. Not writing is definitely NOT what I wanted! So I’ve decided that I should go back to my roots and just be ME out there in the interwebs with my personal blog, just me.

To start with, let’s just say I’m not feeling 2013. It wasn’t a very good year for me and I’m not sure how to make my life better going forward. When people ask me what I’m doing, I share all the things I’m doing and it sounds insane. (2 businesses, part-time work, and more!) So I need more focus and less scatter, plus I need more honesty and more people to lean on. So if that’s you, please chime in.

So, what are your tips for finding your way in life after feeling so lost? Here are some reasons for feeling lost that you may identify with… But what shifts should we make to get out of the floating drift? I like some of the authors suggestions – do you have others?